It's that time of year again! The Capital City Public Market's season will be starting on Saturday 4/14/18 until December and runs 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. SO EXCITED! We've got a new location and new products!


There is a big change to the market layout this year due to construction on 8th where the market normally is - so the market will be running perpendicular to 8th, down Idaho street between 9th, 8th, and Capital Blvd.

Our new location will be on the north side of Idaho St. in front of Old Chicago! (click here for a map). We're especially excited this opening day as we have two new products to introduce. We dabbled in some test products last year, perfected them over the winter and they're ready.

INTRODUCING the amazingly delicious MFT Mustard! This stuff will have you hooked on mustard like never before. Made with our own MFT Ketchup, local organic apple cider vinegar, and with both mustard and Chinese hot mustard powder - it straddles the spicy line, giving it just enough heat to satisfy but not overwhelm.  The mustard is currently ONLY AVAILABLE at the Capital City Public Market. We will be placing the MFT Mustard into retail location throughout the summer so stay tuned to our Instagram/Facebook for announcements!

INTRODUCING the H-O-T-T-E-S-T of the HOT: the brand new Ghost Pepper H-O-T Sauce! Enjoy the incredibly savory MFT flavor with the trifecta of heat, ghost pepper, habanero, and cayenne. All brightened with organic apple cider vinegar - which simultaneously boosts flavor while somewhat taming the heat. By "somewhat" I mean its still going to be super spicy but it won't linger on your tongue for too long. Ghost pepper heat hits differently than most peppers - while your mouth will still be hot (mostly from the Habanero), Ghost Peppers have a way of firing up your inner Chi and warming you from the inside out. Be ready to feel like you just worked out but without the gym. The Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce is also only available at the market currently but we'll be busy placing it on shelves this summer. 

Check our Facebook or Instagram account for current updates and news. Excited to get the farmer's market season started! Boise is AMAZING!